GPS companies.. be scared.. very scared – iPhone Maps with GPS is here

    Maps with GPS on iPhoneMaps with GPS on iPhone

    Using a combination of mobile cell towers, Wi-Fi hotspots and GPS the iPhone will be able to track your location with very good accuracy. After using my Garmin Nuvi (a dedicated GPS) I know how slow the “Acquiring Satellites” takes (around 30+ seconds) before the GPS springs to life.

    My fear with iPhone GPS was that it would suffer from this same painfully slow delay before becoming useful. If the video is accurate, it looks incredibly quick in comparison. It appears that it first narrows your location from mobile cell tower triangulation in combination with any Wi-Fi locations around that area, then once the GPS kicks in the accuracy zeros down to your specific location. Rather than simply have a ‘waiting’ or ‘acquiring’ screen, this is a very tidy way of loading the GPS information.

    It also feature turn-by-turn directions from where you currently are, to your destination. I’m hoping this updates automatically and doesn’t require you to manually tap the screen to progress. If this is the case, then why would an iPhone user buy a dedicated GPS ? Especially if you had a car-mount for your iPhone.


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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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