GTA 5 launches in Australia


    During midnight launches around the country both JB HiFi and EB Games retailers were selling GTA 5. Naturally being the 5th version of the franchise, there’s more vehicles, better mechanics, graphics, missions, character development and improved multiplayer. This game is set in the fictional city of Los Santos, but many of the elements reflect real life and will feel familiar.

    Midnight launches are always a strange affair, nobody really knows how many people will bother to stay up till midnight, nor do we know how many copies the retailer receives. Turns out I lined up in Albury without pre-order and got ticket number 4.

    Between the time we entered the store and when the midnight sales began, almost 60 others had arrived. The staff never stopped giving out numbers, so it looks like they have plenty of stock at JB HiFi in Albury. After a quick trip home the dreaded install began.

    Across 2 discs, the almost 8GB install demonstrates why it really is time for a blu-ray drive in the Xbox One. Or better yet, just skip the discs and go completely digital download which could be done prior to the release day and activate at launch.

    Enjoy GTA 5, I know I will. Oh yeah and you’ll need ID when purchasing the game thanks to that R18+ sticker.. and don’t do drugs, but feel free to do everything else you see in the game. Cheers ACMA.


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