Guild Wars 2 pre-order begins April 10th, 25GB of awesome.

Guild Wars 2 Pre-order[5]

Some late breaking news for fans of Guild Wars, the pre-orders for Guild Wars 2 was just announced via Facebook and their website. Guild Wars 2 pre-orders will begin on April 10th, while we don’t yet know prices, there is at least an end in sight for the release of the game.

Those players that pre-order Guild Wars 2 will also get early access to the beta. If you haven’t been lucky enough to be accepted into the beta yet, this is now your best bet at getting hands-on with GW2 as soon as possible. While there’s no official game release date, it’s likely hardcore fans won’t care, pre-ordering is one step closer.

There’s also no pricing information released yet, but one thing is for sure the teaser material released so far looks amazing. This is one event, I’ll be going to.

Guild Wars 2 pre-orders

If you simply can’t wait till April 10th, then take some time to drool over the contents of the recently detailed collectors edition. Oh, that and you better start cleaning some hard drive space, the game weighs in at 25GB, yep gigabytes.

GW2 Collectors Edition

More information @ Guild Wars 2

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