Hands on: Forza Horizon before it’s released

Forza Horizon

Here at TechEd, Microsoft doesn’t just bring their clouds and bits, they also bring some properties from the entertainment division. As most attendees would also double as gamers, it’s a reasonable fit. This year, one of the titles being shown off is the yet unreleased, Forza Horizon.

Forza Horizon is the next title in the very success racing Franchise Forza. In terms of versions, this isn’t title Forza 5 for one very simple reason. Forza Horizon uses the Forza 4 engine. Sure there’s been tweaks around the edges, but fundamentally its the same mechanics you know and love.

The biggest changes are in the game modes, this time round, there’s less off-street tarmac racing and more standard roads including traffic you need to avoid. The game feels pretty different in terms of car handling, a little more arcade style, but some of that is likely due to the ‘challenge and points’ overlays.

In this preview we only get to race a single car on a single track, but does show off what’s on offer. There’s no doubt about it, the cars look gorgeous and that sunset.. oh that sunset.

Forza Horizon is due for release October 23rd.

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