Hands-on: Sonos Controller 3.7 update

    Sonos 3.7

    Last week we got wind of an update coming to the Sonos desktop software. Version 3.7 brings an updated UI design with much improved, and much needed responsiveness. The Sonos controller is now as slick as you were the first time you showed off your multi-room audio system to your jealous friends.

    The consistent blue theme to the controller software now flows through all platforms of the controller. Functions like setting alarms and timers are now surfaced at the bottom of the UI, making accessing them much more convenient than through traditional menus.

    The 3.7 controller update will be rolling out to Windows, OSX, iOS and Android today. By the way, did I mention how awesome it is to have Rdio integration? While not new in the update, its one of my favourite parts of owning a Sonos. Browsing a catalogue that large did used to have lengthy delays in searching and adding tracks, which has now disappeared in 3.7.

    Good job on the update Sonos, it’s a welcome performance update and consistent UI between devices. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 3.8. Check out the hands-on video of the updated Sonos app for Android.

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