Hands-on with Tesla software version 2020.20.13, recognising traffic lights, stop signs, intersections and even roundabouts

This morning many Aussie Tesla owners woke up to yet another over the air update to their cars. In the latest update, version 2020.20.13, the car now has the ability to recognise intersections including traffic lights, stop signs, T intersections and even roundabouts.

This is the kind of thing that lends itself really well to a video, showing exactly how a Tesla can now better understand the world around it. The video goes into detail on how the system is learning and how Tesla owners are helping provide feedback to improve Autopilot. Now with the software released in Australia, Tesla can learn from the unique edge cases we have here locally.

While I understand that some owners will disable this feature, given how needy it is, requiring confirmations even through green lights. This is temporary and will be a great test of how fast Tesla’s AI can learn from the millions of km per month that are driven.

Today’s software update represents the important stepping stones to eventually reach fully autonomous vehicles and I’m excited to be able to have a great seat to watch that happen.

At the end of the video, I also show you through a demo of how Smart Summon is progressing, which is actually becoming more useful as the system learns.

Please watch the video below, make sure you go and Subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave any questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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