Hands on with the Canon 6D

Canon 6D

The unreleased Canon 6D was on display in Sydney today showing off some neat new features. Being the lightest 1full-frame censor wasn’t enough, the engineers at Canon threw in GPS and WiFi. 4 pre-production units were available for some hands-on time.

Part of the hands-on time involved a demo of an unreleased Android tablet app called EOS Remote, there’ll also be an iOS app, both available soon. Sorry no firm release dates for the app. The In-built WiFi allows the mobile app or Canon’s desktop software to connect (via USB), to control the camera. This control includes puts you in full control of the camera. Everything from firing the shutter to adjusting exposure, aperture, shutter speed etc. One key omission is control over zoom.

It’s important to remember this is version 1 of an camera controller app from Canon and they expect to iterate quickly. If you have suggestions or ideas, let them know. Personally I think the requirement to use the USB cable for PC is something that needs to be addressed quickly.

While 3rd party solutions have offered hands-free shooting options for a while, it’s great to see Canon finally offering an official version. Overall the Canon 6D is a really nice camera with some great new features and we hope to have a review unit soon. Check out the gallery below.

The Canon 6D is due for release in Australia in late November.

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