Hands-on with the new Moza Sequential Shifter, the perfect addition to your sim racing setup

    Today, Moza Racing has released their latest product, the highly anticipated sequential shifter, resolving what was a big gap in their sim racing accessory lineup. For those waiting for the release, that day has arrived, the Moza SGP Sequential Shifter has arrived.

    If you’re into racing, then chances are you’ll have some kind of racing sim at home. I’ve had many setups over the years and arriving at the ultimate sim is often an iterative process, done over months or even years.

    My current setup features a Next Level Racing GT Track sim, with a Moza R12 wheel base and pedals bolted to it. I also have both a GT and F1-style wheels, as well as a handbrake but the setup got an upgrade recently with the addition of the sequential shifter.

    The whole goal of a racing sim is to give you the feeling of being inside the car on-screen. We often race across different racing categories and that can mean you find yourself in a car, like a V8 Supercar, that uses a sequential shifter.

    Until now, I had to either use a h-pattern shifter, or paddle shifters to move through the gears, which mentally takes you out of the experience, similar to when you notice CG in a movie.

    Having early access to it, I’ve now raced with the sequential shifter for about a week and can confidently say, I’m never going back!

    This shifter is great, providing the right combination of realistic feeling, along with the racing challenge of selecting the exact right gear to deliver optimal performance. On a track like Mount Panorama, you’ll have somewhere between 70 and 100 shifts per lap, around the 6.213 km circuit.

    While racing Formula 1, I also enjoy drifting and track racing and now my setup is complete, with all racing modes catered for.

    The SGP Sequential Shifter by Moza features a solid metal structure, giving you confidence as you pull down on the gears to shift up and bump it forward to shift down. There are also two customisable buttons at the base, which are backlit making them easy to select in the dark.

    The bottom of the shifter features multiple mounting points so it should be compatible with most racing sims, it just takes a little trial and error to get the spacing right between the shifter and the handbrake.

    The sound of the shifter is significant, much like a good paddle shift, there’s no mistaking a gear shift has occurred. As the driver, this is incredibly rewarding and something quite fun to do, while those trying to sleep in adjacent rooms, may find this a little loud.

    The MOZA SGP sequential shifter will launch at a pretty affordable price of $129 from

    I’ve also put together a hands-on video of the Shifter in action where you can see and hear the sequential shifter in action.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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