Hands-on with the Xbox One at Build


The Xbox One.. more illusive than a albino unicon, finally showed up at Microsoft’s Build conference without the bullet proof glass protection. The next generation console was out on display in the ‘big room’ of the Moscone Center.  The console was running a tech demo that featured multiple modes including it’s extra detail and proximity available in the new Kinect, it’s night vision capability, standard skeletal tracking and the really neat stuff, monitoring the user’s heart rate.

Also on display in the tech demo was the ability to take the 3D depth data and map the RBG camera data over it, then rotate the whole thing in 3 dimensions. This showed the falloff where the camera couldn’t see, like your sides and back, but with multiple Kinect’s it’s easy to see complete 3D modelling done in stunning detail.

I managed to get hands-on with the controller to feel the weight, textures and general feel in the hand. The controller refinements feel great, comfortable, familiar and I’d say lighter than the Xbox 360 controller. The extra texture around the thumb sticks is a welcome addition, as hardcore gamers would know, during long heated battles your fingers can become slippery, that will be a thing of the past. because it was only a tech demo and not running real games, I wasn’t able try the new extra rumble capabilities, that one will have to wait.

In terms of size, there’s no way to get around it, it is huge, especially when you see it in person. In reality, it’ll likely be tucked away in a low-line unit in most lounge rooms, so not a serious issue. Those large vents hopefully keeping all that power cool. I’ve already pre-ordered my Xbox One for launch day.. so now we wait till November.






After a massive week at Build, it’s time to start the journey home to Australia, there’s lots more content to come so stay tuned.

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