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Today I managed to finally get my hands on some final production hardware for Windows Phone 7 [Thanks Ben]. Despite launching last week and multiple hardware partners, WP7 devices are still difficult to get hold of. As regular readers would know I first used WP7 hardware back at Tech.Ed, but that was development / non-final hardware.


The HTC 7 Mozart from Telstra is a solid piece of hardware, great build quality, stylish looks and great performance. But of course you all knew that from the spec sheet right ? If not see below. One of my concerns after using development hardware was the responsiveness of the screen when accepting gestures. After using the Mozart today, these fears were completely alleviated, touches were registered as expected, swiping was smooth as silk and pinch and zoom in IE work just as good as the iPhone – very fast.

HTC Mozart specs

So while I haven’t spent enough time with the HTC Mozart for a review (coming soon), the biggest problem Microsoft has with WP7 actually has nothing to do with their software.. its a supply chain issue. Despite October 21st being the launch date, there has been severe shortages of hardware. Although Apple iPhones were in limited numbers, amazingly a single hardware device maker was to have more products at launch than HTC, LG and Samsung combined.

Bizarrely the Samsung Omnia 7 (my pick of the launch devices) has been made available only with business plans. Something omitted from Microsoft’s WP7 Australian launch.

More info @ WindowsPhones

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