Happy Birthday. Get me a present, buy my app #Carboncast

Birthday Cake

So it’s my 31st year on the planet starting today. Yep, this guy is turning 31 today. I’ve been bringing you technology news for almost 7 years now and see the industry go through a lot of change. I still remember the day I covered the announcement of Android, only to see it grow into the most popular smart phone OS in the world.

I’ve done hundreds of reviews and dealt with the logistical nightmares around getting products and sending them back. I’ve been to dozens of event both domestically, but even internationally (thanks Ford). It’s been one amazing ride since I started techAU all those years ago and it’s a decision that I’m incredibly happy and proud of. There’s now 2,142 posts on techAU and we’re passed 1.6 Million views on YouTube.

I’ve met some amazing people along the way as evidenced by the rapid like velocity of Facebook posts, tweets and sms’s from you guys. Strangely it feels like a bigger reaction than last year when I had the big 30 and I’m puzzled to explain that. Not sure that my following has grown that substantially since 12 months ago, maybe your activity has.

Earlier this afternoon I posted that I was on my way to 5,000 twitter followers after recently being added to the SUL and being verified. Since then the number has grown substantially (4,967) and been RT by dozens of my followers. One of the most recent today having more than 1 Million followers and from the other side of the world.

I really do love the internet, it has changed my life forever and has enabled me to do what I do from a regional city Albury Wodonga. Even today we just added yet another writer to the already amazing, Australia-wide team that contributes to techAU. It never ceases to amaze me when I remember that I’m just a kid who grew up in a town of just a few hundred people, Barooga.

I’ve been in the paper, I’m on the Radio each week (105.7 The River), but at the end of the day, I run a website that gets hit more than 2 million times a year about by more than 20,000 people each month. I built that audience from scratch and that is nothing short of awesome. One of the best aspects of covering technology is its constant evolution and the requirement and demand to constantly learn new things.

While I touched on programming earlier in life, only in the recent few years have I actually become good at it. So good that I’m starting to build apps for Windows 8 that have been downloaded tens of thousands of times (techAU 11,459), and most recently the ultimate test, building an app that people are prepared to pay for.

Carboncast, the podcasting app for Windows Phone 8 has been a massive success and everyone who tries it (trial added in v1.1 after user requests), buys it. With my nights and weekends being taken up with more work on improvements, v1.2 was submitted on the weekend and will deliver even more great requested features. It really is beyond belief the success that this app has had in such a short amount of time.

I chose to price Carboncast at the lowest price point available in each market, but many have said they would have paid much more. While I have build an audience on techAU that generates a modest revenue from ads and sponsored posts, it’s endearing to think that people are prepared to pay for something you created from a keyboard.

So while I don’t ask much of you as a reader, it’s my birthday and today I ask this. If you have a WP8 device, download the trial of Carboncast. If you don’t, then tell others that do. Use you networks to get the word out about my creation, it’s something I’ve worked long and hard to build and am proud of it. By the way, for those that aren’t programmers, making money while you sleep is a beautifully awesome thing.

Cheers and I’m off to enjoy the rest of the day with mates. Happy Birthday to me.

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