Happy New Year!! 2012 was our biggest year yet

    Happy New Years from techAU

    It’s the start of a brand new year, but just before we dive into the 2013 I wanted to take some time to summarise the amazing year we’ve had. Thank to you amazing readers, techAU has had it’s biggest year since launching back in 2007.

    This year we served up content to 236,951 unique visitors, who viewed 2,121,122 pages and consumed 592.88GB of bandwidth. Yep, more than 2.1 Million pages, seriously that’s just awesome. For those who still count hits, we had 10,024,986. You may not see my face right now, but I can assure you, it’s got one hell of a smile on it.

    Just so this post has some tech content in it, the above photo was taken earlier tonight at Wodonga’s Fireworks display. It was a test of the camera on the Lumia 920, I think you’ll agree, it does a pretty amazing job in a really difficult environment. My tip to anyone shooting fireworks is to look for the sports mode.

    All I can say is that our amazing team of writers will be working harder than ever to bring tech news from across Australia and around the world. Let’s make 2013 even bigger! The way you can help is tell as many people as you can. Hit that RT button, click Like or send an email to your loved ones.

    Now go enjoy the drinks and fireworks!

    This post is authored by techAU staffers. Used rarely and sparingly when the source decided to keep their identity secret, or a guest author who isn't seeking credit.

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