HAVAL’s first fully autonomous SUV has some wild ideas

HAVAL’s first autonomous SUV will be officially unveiled at the Auto China event in Beijing in a couple of days, but here’s what we know about it so far.

As part of Chinese Great Wall’s luxury arm, HAVAL’s WEY X, will offer level 5 autonomous driving performance, that means no human intervention is required to operate the vehicle. Jumping straight to level 5 is incredibly ambitious, with most companies still up to level 4 autonomy at best.

The WEY X follows in the footsteps of the pure electric XEV concept unveiled at the 2017 International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt.

The 2018 iteration looks closer to something that will make it to production, while remaining futuristically smoothed across the body. The unique front end combines with aerodynamic rims to assist efficiency for the EV.

HAVAL is leveraging existing vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology, a strange decision given the integrated into transportation networks is extremely limited.

Now for the really crazy ideas. HAVAL is planning to replace traditional keys and buttons in the WEY X with a full biometric identification system. Each registered user can create their own individual set-up, including seats, music preferences and preferred navigation information. Driver’s would be identified using facial recognition thanks to a camera located in the bottom of the rear-view mirror. Question is, how do you authenticate the vehicle to enter the driver’s seat without keys?

The ideas even go as far as a holographic projection on the dash. Clearly this raises a bunch of questions like the technology used, viewing angles and more. We’ll have to wait for HAVAL to reveal that soon. Even if they can’t pull that off, the single wrap around dash display offers up a unique take on the interior of a vehicle and facial recognition is one worth exploring.

More details of the WEY X will be revealed at Auto China Beijing, which runs from April 25 to May 4.

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