HDD prices set to skyrocket as Thailand has worst floods in 50 years

Motherboard? Check. CPU? Check. RAM? Check. Large amounts of storage space for movies, music, games, and images? Well that could be a bit harder.

A large shortage of traditional platter based hard drives is expected in the coming months leading up to 2012 due to the worst flooding to hit tech center Thailand in fifty years (Picture). Western Digital has been hit hard enough that they’ve halted drive production at their Thailand plant.

Western Digital CEO John Coyne believes the disaster will add up to a significantly reduce supply of hard discs well into 2012, and the concern is shared by other industry titans too.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke out expecting “an overall industry shortage of disk drives” while a Dell spokesperson said the PC company was “working with our hard drive suppliers to address potential impact for the remainder of the year.”

A personal friend of mine bought a 2TB drive two days ago for $91 and since then the price has now gone up to $125. This is just a small example of the potential impact for consumers and businesses alike.

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