Heathcote raceway is adding EV fast-charging, preparing for the future

As the world turns to electric vehicles, it’s not just our road-going cars that are going electric, but also the world of motorsport. I wrote about this exact challenge back in June, so it’s great to see it’s finally being addressed.

The latest example of that is the announcement that Heathcote Raceway in Victoria, will add electric vehicle charging facilities. Heathcote Park Raceway is 135km from the city centre of Melbourne.

In a press release today, we learn that Power Tech will provide Level 2 fast charging at Heathcote Park Raceway. Power Tech Tuning in conjunction with Power Tech Energy Solutions will donate a Tesla Level 2 Fast Charger to Heathcote Park Raceway.

This charger is capable of adding around 75km/h of range to a Tesla Model 3. This is dramatically faster than charging from a regular 240v charger, which adds around 25km/hr.

Each electric car has different charging capabilities, in terms of Tesla vehicles, the charging rates are available below.

Your TeslaOnboard Charger Rate (kW)*Typical Added Range
Model 31175 km/h
Model X16.580 km/h
Model S16.590 km/h
Model S before May 201611 or 22
Check vehicle configuration
60 km/h
110 km/h

This charger will allow anyone with a Type 2 compatible electric vehicle to attend events and charge at the raceway, without having to leave the precinct.

We are excited to be involved with this project. The installation of this Level 2 charger will make Heathcote Park Raceway the first dedicated Motorsport complex in Australia to specifically cater to the growing EV segment.”

Martin Donnon from Power Tech Tuning.

This is really just the start of the electrification of our motorsport facilities. As Australia gets more electric vehicles owners, more of them will want to attend motorsport events and even purchase dedicated EV race cars. Over time, every motorsport venue will have to add EV charging facilities to support racing.

By now, we’ve all seen those videos of electric vehicles smashing the competition in drag races, thanks to their amazing acceleration abilities, with instant torque. Often the cars are paired with intelligent traction control systems to ensure that all that power gets delivered to the road and propels the car forward.

While many may shed a tear that the days of tyre smoke and big loud engines are coming to an end, personally I’d rather embrace the future and accept that there’s now a faster way down the quarter mile.

Yesterday, Elon Musk revealed a new variant of the Tesla Model S – Plaid. This will roll off the production line at the end of next year and be able to achieve a sub 9 second quarter mile. That an incredibly quick car, with a factory warranty and there’s an even faster one, the Roadster, coming in the future.

Personally I have a bit of history with Heathcote raceway. Many years ago, I took my 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer for a run down there. While the times weren’t amazing, it was loads of fun and I’d love to now head back with the Tesla Model 3 Performance, make use of the charger and see how quick we can go.

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