HelioWing Solar+Battery installations take as little as 6 hours to install

    The HelioWing by World4Solar is a solar canopy for outdoor and parking spaces, which also works as a carport with its integrated EV charger.

    Part of the challenge of infrastructure like this is the length of time and subsequent costs involved in deploying the technology. The HelioWing is available in 2 different sizes (HelioWing 5 with 7.38 kWp and the HelioWing 7 with 9.84 kWp) and recently the 5 was deployed to a Las Vegas location in under 6 hours.

    The modern structure is ideal for a pool / patio covering that hides the solar system for a flawless, aesthetically pleasing alternative to rooftop solar panels and tiles for self-sustaining electricity for residential and business properties.

    The systems provide enough solar energy to power a whole house, offer EV charging, and can operate as a standalone solution or be connected to the local power grid to earn credits for energy generation. Stand-alone systems come with integrated battery packs to store solar energy up to 25 kWh or up to 100 kWh with an external battery module.

    “Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles are the two sides of the same coin. Both technologies are inseparably connected. HelioWing’s car ports offer a new and exciting approach to bringing both worlds together, enabling Sol-Up to address this market with unique products that disrupt current design and technology paradigms.”

    Frank Rieger, CEO of SolUp

    “The time-lapse 6-hour installation video by SolUp is mind boggling. It clearly shows how easily and timely HelioWing structures can be integrated into any residential or commercial project.”

    Mario Hufnagl, COO and Co-founder of World4Solar.

    HelioWing can also be customized with different options for design (available in Blue, Red, Black and White) and storage capacity to your individual taste and needs. Given their design, you should be able to add multiple in a row to form a solar car park with EV charging underneath.

    The HelioWing 7 is ideal for commercial installations, such as retail, parking lots, golf courses, car dealerships, RV parks, and other applications.

    World4Solar leverages Tesla’s Gen 3 Wall Connector as the EV charger of choice, outputting up to 7.6kW from the renewable infrastructure.

    World4Solar based in Reno, NV uses the latest technologies to make visible statements for a green future with maximum modularity and highest efficiency through solar energy by using the available space in the most intelligent way.

    To learn more about it, head to

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