HelmetVR is exactly what it sounds like

    Oculus and Helmet manufacturer Arai have teamed up to give virtual reality racer’s a seriously immersive experience. There’s a lot of components to a VR setup, the headset, the headphones, the tracking sensor and in a racing setup, steering wheels and pedals. The process of getting in an out is actually fairly cumbersome and by attaching a Oculus Rift to a racing helmet, it simplifies the entry and exit to the simulator while making it even more immersive than just the sound and visuals.

    The Oculus is a relatively comfortable headset, but when you’re gaming for hours, even the most comfortable head-mounted display will be a drag. To solve that problem, HelmetVR uses the soft cushioning of the GT Helmet to spread the load across your head, making it uber comfortable for racing even the longest events.

    For the full experience you’re looking at €2.459,- Ex. VAT & shipping or more than A$4,000 (pictured in the FormulaVR F-VR 1 simulator) but given this is aimed at professionals, that’s not a horrible price for a serious racer.

    To ensure the best quality possible, FormulaVR builds each HelmetVR to order in a limited series. The helmet also has optional clips for hans devices.

    The Aussie Stig was one of the first in the world to try it out.

    More information at Via ISRTV.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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