Here’s the best way to watch F1 this weekend

The 2019 season of Formula 1 is upon us and with the first round of the season being in Melbourne, Australia, it’s no surprise that Aussies will be keen to stream the event to their living room and mobile phones.

This year is kind of unique in that was have new and exciting ways to consume the F1 in Melbourne.

Those with the latest Foxtel IQ4 box and a satellite on the roof, you can watch the race in stunning 4K quality. That’s something our UK friends have had the opportunity to enjoy for a few years, so now its our turn.

While live 4K has been a long time coming, it’s finally here and you can take advantage of your investment into a big 4K on the wall.

The other exciting way to consume F1 is through the new streaming service Kayo. This enables you to achieve your multitasking dream and watch F1 and other sports at the same time. There’s also practice, qualifying and the race available live and on-demand. In the lead up to this weekend, Kayo have published some great pre-race content for F1 fans to gear up and get excited about Formula 1.

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