Here’s what its like to have Gigabit NBN, MyRepublic connects Gigatown

    Remember MyRepublic’s Gigatown competition? It was the chance to connect a town to the NBN at Gigabit speeds. The winner was Wollongong and the prize winner, among other Wollongong residents are now connected and enjoying the uber fast speed.. insert jealously here. 

    Meet Fletcher Thompson (@SketchyFletchy), the lucky winner who gets his 1Gbps connection for free by being the winner of the MyRepublic competition. He’s one of the founders of startup Me3D who provide unique 3D printing solutions to Schools, Universities and for the home. Thompson also scored a Playstation VR as part of the competition and is clearly a big fan.

    Managing Director of MyRepublic, Nicholas Demos says they’re heavily subsidising gigabit speeds to show business and consumers what’s possible with the best internet speeds the NBN can provide.

    He goes on to say that its not about having a constant need for 1Gbps speeds, but the ability to do whatever you and your family want, without ever facing interruptions.

    Thompson says he’s now using the connection to work remotely, something that’s long been promised, but almost never delivered on. Its often not practical to leave a bi-directional webcam feed running between home and work to connect you to the office, but with the right connection, that’s absolutely on the table. With enough bandwidth to spare, there’s never a risk of things being interrupted.

    Not content with claims from the CEO of the nbn that Australian’s don’t want the fastest internet, MyRepublic commissioned a report from Galaxy Research. The research confirms 76 % of Australians actually do want fast 1Gbps internet speeds or more, with 66% claiming faster internet speeds would positively affect their work life and leisure time.

    MyRepublic says the findings send a clear message to internet providers: most Australians are dissatisfied with slow home internet speeds, worried they are losing the digital economy race and believe they are getting a raw deal compared to our Kiwi cousins.

    As a nation embracing innovation, the research shows 53% of respondents do not think they could run a business from home on their current internet speed. A further 71% of 24-35 year olds (future business leaders) are concerned about being left behind the digital economy race.

    Other key findings include:

    • One in two Australian do not know what internet speed they have at home.
    • 65% are dissatisfied with their current internet speeds.
    • 59% of nbn users are dissatisfied with their home internet connection speed.
    • 75% of ADSL users are dissatisfied with their home internet connection speed.
    • 65% of Australians are worried about being left behind the digital economy race; 71 per cent of 24-35 year olds are concerned about their future.
    • 76% of Australians want internet speeds of 1Gbps or more.
    • 66% claim that faster internet speeds would positively impact their work life and leisure time.
    • 53% believe their current home internet speed is too slow to run a business from home, with only about one in four (28 per cent) confident it was up to the task.
    • 34% of Aussies connected to the nbn believe their speed is good enough for a home-based business, including 61 per cent of residents aged 24-34.
    • 85% believe they should have a similar service to those in NZ who can access high internet speeds for as little as $130 per month. Only 1% of Australians think it is fair to pay more than $200 per month for the same deal (despite the local price being currently $400).
    • The more internet users in the home, the greater the dissatisfaction with speed: 68% households with three or more internet users are unhappy with their connection speed.

    Now check out the full video and try not to be too jealous, good luck.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021

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