Home Automation giant Crestron, launch Alexa skill in Australia

Crestron is one of the  the global leaders in home automation and they’ve now announced those of us in Australia, with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices can access a new Crestron skill. Crestron panels and more recently smart phone controllers have served us well over the years, but now with Alexa connected to a Crestron home automation system, your voice can power the futuristic home automation you’ve always dreamed of.

Crestron systems control almost every aspect of your connected home. The temperature, lighting, motorised shades, home theatre video and audio, security and much more. If you have chosen Crestron to be the brains of your home automation experience, then the Crestron Alexa skill enables control over all these devices through voice command. The neat thing with Crestron is the macro functions that reach out to multiple IoT devices to change according to your preferences, wants and demands.

To use Alexa with Crestron, just ask, “Alexa, turn on/off the kitchen light” or “Alexa, raise the family room temperature by two degrees” and the system will adjust accordingly. To ask for a scene change, simply say,

Alexa, tell Crestron to activate Morning Theme,” and the blinds will slowly open and lights to switch on, with a warm shower running and waiting for you to start your day. If you want to set the mood for an intimate dinner simply say,

Alexa, tell Crestron to activate Intimate Dinner,” and the dining room lights dim instantly, shades to adjust slightly and soothing music to play from your speakers. It’s your home, responding to your voice. Theres also the opportunity to set “Party” or “Gaming” themes, which will dim the lighting, close the shades and tap into connected speakers to deliver an awesome immersive experience.

Some other example requests are:

“Alexa, ask Crestron to turn on the lights in the kitchen”
“Alexa, tell Crestron to set the kitchen lights to 50 percent”
“Alexa, ask Crestron to lower the kitchen lights by 20 percent”
“Alexa, tell Crestron to set the temperature in the living room to 70 degrees”
“Alexa, ask Crestron to lower the living room temperature by 5 degrees”
“Alexa, tell Crestron to lower the shades in the office”
“Alexa, ask Crestron to set the office shades to half”
“Alexa, ask Crestron to recall the morning scene in the master bathroom”
“Alexa, tell Crestron I’d like to watch a movie in the living room”

I don’t know about you, but this looks like a pretty great place to live.

Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, Crestron, Stuart Craig said,

“We are delighted to confirm that our Australian customers can now integrate their Crestron solution with Amazon Alexa. We are experiencing significant and growing interest among Australian homeowners who seek best-in-class home technology.

With Crestron automation at the heart of a smart home, clients experience the true meaning of luxury, as our technology seamlessly and effortlessly creates an environment that responds to their needs, getting to know them and ultimately making life simpler.

With one utterance, many devices can adjust simultaneously to reflect the commanded scene. Our integration with Amazon Alexa in Australia takes our offering to a new level, providing another layer of in-home luxury.”

From today, Crestron-partnered system integrators and resellers in Australia can leverage the Crestron Alexa skill to enable voice controlled scenes and settings in Crestron environments, that are fully customised to their clients’ lifestyles.

Trevor Rooney, National Sales Manager for Residential ANZ, Crestron, said,

Crestron has been at the forefront of the technology evolution for nearly 50 years, and embracing voice control is a natural progression.

Working closely alongside the Alexa team both globally and locally has allowed us to offer a truly intuitive experience. Lighting, music, HVAC, shading solutions and more can all now be controlled simply by your voice.

Amazon Alexa devices are available in JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Telstra, and Myer. The Crestron Alexa skill in Australia is compatible with Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot and Echo Spot devices.

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