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7Tivo – try and get techAU.tv delivered on Tivo when it launches in Aus. Twin tuners – HD, based on Series 3, modifications including PAL. Can FF ads, not...

7Tivo – try and get techAU.tv delivered on Tivo when it launches in Aus.

Twin tuners – HD, based on Series 3, modifications including PAL.

Can FF ads, not skip entire ad.

tivo.com.au to get more updates soon – watch this space. 

John – Samsung

Focus on Full HD (1080p)

Movement away from component, multiple HDMI ports on TV’s.

Moved from version 1.2 to 1.3 of HDMI – includes CEC – Consumer Electronics Control (1 remote controls any device)

Prediction that within the next couple of years Full HDTV’s will be the standard.

Question about how much Australian content in in HD. Required is 1020 hours a year, most broadcasters doing more.

Comment about users still struggle to know about HD quality levels.

Speaker from Asus on Home Automation

Smart wiring

Wireless devices are an option for existing homes.

Options for distribution – Go big or go niece

Speaker about 802.11n
Designed to compete with a wired network.

Spoke last year about 802.11n draft 1.0

About designed to be about twice the range of current wireless, and 3,4,5 times the speed approaching the real speeds of 100Mb.

Expectation was that n standard would be ratified by about this time this year, however it’s now going to be around October next year.

Most changes form draft to final release should be able to be updated with Firmware.

Draft 2.0 currently, Draft 3.0 due next year.

Fine tuning the standard to avoid interference with BlueTooth and other wireless device spectrums.

5x speed, 2x the range – verified by 3rd party testing.

Home network adoption of 802.11n should be very prevalent by end of 2008.

Tivo may be upgraded to N via USB port, or may be a new version of Tivo.

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