Honda Walking Assist Device to demo at CES Asia 2018

Honda have announced that it will demo a Honda Walking Assist Device at at CES Asia 2018. The consumer electronics and technology tradeshow to be held in Shanghai, China, on June 13th to 15th, 2018.

Honda’s Walking Assist Device is a device that supports efficient walking of people who are receiving training or rehab for walking based on the actions of human walking. After my brother recently had back surgery, this one’s a little close to home and while Honda are best known for cars and robots, applying their engineering talent to healthcare offers serious benefits to people across the globe.

When the user is walking, angle sensors installed in right and left motors detect movement of the hip joins. Based on information obtained from the angle sensors, the computer activates motors to influence the user to realise more efficient walking by the left and right legs.

With the size-adjustable framing function, the WAD can be worn by people with a broad range of body types. As well as various walking modes, the WAD can influencer the user’s walking actions based on their pattern of walking; it can also extend the legs forward and backwards and shift weight.

Currently 250 hospitals in Japan use the device for adults, which is leased through Honda Finance in Japan. It is also now available in Europe since January this year. Unfortunately there are no plans to have the WAD in Australia, although I hope they reconsider.

At CES Asia, Honda will introduce open innovation initiatives it is pursuing in order to create new value that will enhance the quality of people’s daily lives.

Honda invests heavily in R&D and the new technologies they create are achieved through open innovation between Honda Xcelerator and various startups, which will also be on display at the Honda booth. The Honda Xcelerator is a program designed to discover outstanding technologies on a global basis and facilitate collaboration among innovators.

Technologies being developed by Honda Xcelerator and various partners include:


Technology to atomize various scents which match driving scenes inside the cabin.

Tactual Labs

Technology which brings real-time human body pose sensing to and around every surface as real-time 3D data to enable the driver to operate various devices through gestures without lifting their hands from the steering wheel.


Technology to apply AR (augmented reality) technologies to automobiles and display navigation information in the sight of the driver without using special devices such as AR glasses/goggles.

Honda’s press conference will be held at 11:00 am (local time) on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 and if you’re attending the event, make sure you head to the Honda booth N5 Hall – 5330.

within the venue of CES ASIA. The press conference will include Yusuke Hasegawa, Executive Vice President of Honda Motor (China) Investment Co.,Ltd. and Honda Motor China Technology Co., Ltd. and Nick Sugimoto, CEO of Honda R&D Innovations, Inc. They will deliver presentations about the future Honda envisions in China and Honda’s open innovation initiatives, respectively.

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