How fast is the NBN? There’s a site for that


Pissed off liberal voter, James Brotchie from Queensland has put together a nifty site that compares the two NBN policies on offer from Labor and the Coalition (or LNP). The site features simulations of the download/upload speeds of common tasks that users do on the web.

One great example is the common scenario when you return from a wedding with an camera full of photos you need to upload to Facebook to share with the world. Under Labor’s proposed NBN plan, it would take around 20 seconds to get 1GB of photos online. With the Coalition’s NBN, that upload speed is just 5Mbps and would mean you’d be waiting almost half an hour to achieve the same upload.

There’s more examples over at the simply named but the best bit is that there’s a call to action at the end of the site. Brotchie suggests you contact or follow the telecommunications minister or shadow minister and let them know your thoughts. At this point we’re unlikely to see any major change in policy from either side, but still it’s work a shot and it’s certainly worth staying up to date with the debate.


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