How robotics is changing film making


Robots are awesome and are impacting our lives more every day. Manufacturing fell in love with robots years ago to lift, rotate, paint, pack, weld, cut, clean many other tasks humans used to do. In many ways robots are superior for these repetitive tasks that require consistent, precise motions, something humans aren’t great at. Now the movie industry is leveraging robots in a similar way to pull of amazing shots, not possible with humans.

Filming a scene at 1500fps+ with a moving camera requires laser-like precision and is not only being done, but is able to be repeated an infinite amount of times. This really is the future of cinematography, ultra precise camera movements to capture exactly what the director envisaged. 

MrMoco rentals is a company that hires out these insanely expensive robot camera rigs for dedicated shoots. Don’t expect to hire one for your weekend warrior project, but for serious film makers, this can help you land the perfect shot every time. One example is the Bolt Highspeed Cinebot, a robot that captures video at highspeed while moving. It gets up to full speed almost instantly so that the camera can go from standstill to high-speed motion and back to standstill in fractions of seconds. This is so fast, it can follow falling objects and capturing images that would be impossible by hand or any other method.

Using their Flair motion control software, the Bolt rig allows directors to importing moves from 3D packages and exporting moves. Exports are critical as shoots can happen at different locations across a number of weeks or months. It’s also configurable to launch into action at an exact time, such as the pour of a beer, the turning of an object.

Check out a behind the scenes video of the robots in action.

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