How to get Google Form data via Email

Google Form via Email

Many of us have taken advantage of the free Google Drive feature to create a new form. These forms can be used for surveys or customer feedback, really anything you like. There is one issue with the Google solution and that is the way data is collected.

In some instances the spreadsheet style works great, particularly when collecting statistical data that needs to be calculated. There are however plenty of uses that don’t work so well, one such example is when the recipient of an online form lives and dies by email.

While email alerts of form submissions are easy to configure, getting form data sent directly to an email address isn’t. The good news is, that you can learn how to make this magic happen and avoid those Survey Monkey fees. Fortunately those programming types over at the Googleplex love some scripting and that’s where we need to work, but non-programmers fear not, it’s a simply copy and paste.

Amit Agarwal (@labnol) is a personal technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration and has created a great YouTube video that walks you through the steps. For more information and to grab the code, head to

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