How to score an invite to Microsoft Socl (updated)


Microsoft not so secret social network called Socl is beginning to open to more users, this morning sending out invites to people. Previously restricted to Microsoft staff, then students, Socl is beginning to open its doors to everyday users. If you’d like to check it out, we have 10 invites to give away.

That’s it guys and girls, all out of invites. Hope to get more in the future (ping Microsoft).

You can score an invite by being one of the first 10 people to sign up to Constructiv. The invite will be sent to the associated email address. Best of luck, be fast, and connect with me once you’re on Socl.

Microsoft Socl video

So far the experience feels more like Google+ than Facebook, but does have some unique features. The video party is similar to sharing a YouTube video on G+, but the most interesting is the Bing integration. It allows the sharing of content from search results really quickly. This sure beats telling a friend to go search for a term, or an image, you just share the search.

When searching you can filter results by web, news, videos, etc just like Bing results. The difference being that Socl allows you to just click images in the results and add them to your post. It’s a nice clean UI, but I can’t help but think that Facebook adding this Bing functionality can’t be far away.

Search Images

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