How to: set Nokia Pro Cam as your default camera app


When Nokia shipped the Lumia 1020, it came with the Nokia Pro Camera app that really move mobile photography forward. The live preview available on the app is akin to what Canon and others are doing in their DSLRs. While the app was impressive it wasn’t available unless you were lucky enough to have a Lumia 1020 (still not available in Australia), that was until the GDR2 update shipped to WP8 handsets like the Lumia 920.

While no phone on the market has the hardware capabilities of the camera in 1020, phones like the 920 still do a great job with photos, so the Nokia Pro Camera app could really help those who rely on their phone as their camera.

After using the Nokia Pro app, you’re unlikely to want to use anything else to shoot photos. So wouldn’t it be great if you could set the app as your default camera app when pressing the hardware shutter button? Turns out you can, although it does take a few steps.

To get started, launch the Nokia Pro Cam app form a pinned tile or the application list.


Next step is to tap the three dots to bring up the menu.


From here you want to select settings.


Slide the pivot to pictures and tap the more settings button.


Part way down this screen there’s a drop down list, select Nokia Pro Cam and you’re all set. To test you can press the Start button to return to the home screen and then press the shutter button and the app will launch. If you have photos from the lock screen enabled, you can also launch the app while the screen’s locked for those quick shots.

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