HTC Vive price drops like the Oculus Rift to make VR more affordable

    The HTC Vive is following Oculus’ cue of making VR more affordable. Today HTC announced they’re reducing the price of the Vive by US$200. This takes the price down to a more affordable US$599.00. Unfortunately that news is taking a while to filter down to Australia, as the HTC Vive Australian site still lists the Vive as A$1,199.00, including the Front Defence game.

    HTC says its been a big summer for Vive and they’re ramping up for a fantastic holiday season.

    Starting today (8/21), we are reducing the price of Vive by $200. The high-end, PC-based consumer Vive that is in market today, and will be for the foreseeable future, will now be available for $599.  All Vive purchases come with a free trial to Viveport Subscription, where consumers can choose up to 5 titles per month to experience, and copies of some of the most popular pieces of VR in Google’s Tilt BrushEverestVR, and Richie’s Plank Experience.

    When it comes to high-end VR, there’s really 2 players in the market, the Vive and the Rift and both have dropped their price recently, making it available to an even broader audience. This does mean more people will face the decision of which platform they want to invest in and to be honest, both have great lineups of games and entertainment properties to choose from.

    HTC are working hard on wireless solutions and we’ve already seem some 3rd party backpacks which free up to bring even more freedom for Vive owners. This will open the door to new implementations that simply aren’t possible when tethered.

    On the software Vive offer a unique VR subscription service called Viveport Subscription, which allows owners to access over 200 titles for a flat monthly rate. Coming soon to the platform are Fallout 4 VRDoom VFR, as well as some other titles to be announced. All Vive owners get a one month free trial to Viveport subscription.

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