Humax 4tune updates to 1.01.11, brings repeat detection and more


While almost every TV channel now offers some flavour of a catch-up service, many still rely on their DVR to watch TV on their schedule. For my money, the Humax 4tune is the best option available in Australia and it just scored a significant software update. The uber sexy name of v1.01.11 answers many requests users have been calling for. The most significant addition is the ability for 4tune to now detect (and avoid) recording repeat broadcasts of the same show. Until now setting a season pass for your favourite show would fill up your drive with every episode found in the guide, regardless of its recency.

Users can now set recordings to just record the first run of a program, which saves space and means you’ll never watch the same thing twice. There’s other nice options like more granular controls over how much padding to add to the start and end of a recording to avoid missing parts of your favourite show when they run long.

Back-to-back is a term that relates to two of your favourite shows occurring directly after one another. With 4 tunes and both set to record, Humax can now record the first show including padding time and snap that as one recording. It will also use a second tuner to record the second program, complete with the pre and post padding configured. This means what you end up with is 2 discreet recordings containing exactly what you imagined. Before this update, users were often forced to find the previous recording, fast forward all the way to the end to find the start of their show. Thankfully that confusion and inconvenience is now solved.

The full list of new features and improvements
– Improved IP EPG Reliability
– Improved User Interface on Guide Page
– Added a Copy and Move functionality on Series Episodes
– Allowed to Play Recordings by pressing a ‘Play’ button  from the Recordings List
– Introduced a New Back to Back Recording Option
– Introduced New Recording Options such as an ability to set individual padding time, option to keep or delete and option to record repeats or not.
– Improved Series Recording Functionality
– Added an Option to Rename Prorgrams
– More Manual Recording Options
– Stabilisation of HbbTV Service
– Increased Server Activation Time to 24 hours

Humax continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to listening to feedback and implementing it, a far more responsive company that the now defunked TiVo in Austarlia. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get in on the action early, make sure you like their Facebook page as this software update has been available in beta form for a couple of weeks now.

For more information and information on how to get the software update head over to Humax.

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