Hypercars are going EV and the Lotus Evija is gorgeous

While Ferrari is dipping their toes in the water with Hybrid drivetrains, Lotus has seen the future and are going all-in with EV.

The Lotus Evija is a new Hypercar of which just 130 will ever be made, maintaining that exclusivity that is the hypermarket (also helped by the price tag).

Car Advice reports that Lotus has already received at least 3 expressions of interest for the Evija from Australia. It’ll cost you A$440,000 just for a deposit with the full cost landing around $3 million. Best to start saving now.

The reason people are so excited for this product is a combination of a future-leaning, all-electric drive train, but also the design which just looks fast, even sitting still.

The Lotus Evija is good for 0-100km/hr in under 3 seconds, which actually makes the Tesla Model 3 at under $100k and 3.4seconds comparatively.

The big difference is the Evija can keep going to over 320km/hr (must have some decent rubber.

The battery is from Williams Advanced Engineering just 70kWh, which doesn’t sound much to achieve almost 1,500kW and 1700nM of torque (available from the start). When it comes to recharging, you can forget our ‘ultra-fast’ chargers that push out 350kW (this would take 18 minutes), this guy can take up to 800kW, we’re just not sure where you’d do that exactly.

The battery punches power through a high-performance electric motor and transmission, made by Xtrac. A fairly new company, established in 1984, they invest heavily in R&D and have obviously been noticed by Lotus as having the goods to power their hypercar.

Production is expected to start in 2020.

Carfection has a great video rundown of the car, check it out below.

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