Hyperloop One will test propulsion tomorrow, full scale in Q4



    Hyperloop One (formerly HyperloopTech) says they are heading for a full speed, full scale test of their Hyperloop prototype in Q4 2016. The company also announced it will perform a propulsion test tomorrow in the Las Vegas desert.

    During their press conference today, they showed a video of their prototype, showcasing not only how it  would look, but how it would move through the pneumatic tube that is Hyperloops core design to reach insanely fast speeds.

    Hyperloop One promotes zero turbulance, no direct carbon emissions, low energy and low maintenance costs as key points of differentiation between their design and the competition.

    Also announced is the latest round of funding and with an innovative project like this, its going to take serious coin to make it a reality. HyperloopOne have secured US$80 Million in a series B round and also announced a series of partners, the highest profile being GE Ventures.

    They company also says,

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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