Hyundai Australia unveils new Kona Electric: upto 505km range with space saver spare wheel & tyre as standard

    Australian pricing for the new Hyundai Kona Electric has finally been revealed after several weeks delay while Hyundai Australia was rumoured to have been negotiating lower prices with their Korean HQ.


    There are two spec levels Standard Range and Extended Range. The Extended version is available in two wheel sizes, though I personally don’t see the appeal of losing 12% of range in return for larger wheels.

    All-new KONA Electric
     Standard Range 48.6 kWh Extended Range 64.8 kWh
    Front Wheel Drive Front Wheel Drive
    99 kW 150 kW
    255 Nm 255 Nm
    370 km 505 km (17” wheel) 444 km (19” wheel)


    Hyundai Motor Company Australia Chief Executive Officer, Ted Lee commented:

    “All-new KONA Electric underscores Hyundai’s technological ambition and commitment to developing sustainable mobility solutions, setting a new standard in battery electric small SUVs”

    The New-generation Kona Electric has a new body built from scratch for EV’s.

    The removal of the driveshaft tunnel results in a completely flat rear floor, increasing space for rear occupants while also improving convenience for passengers moving between the rear seats.

    Kona Electric is 150mm longer and 10mm taller than the model it replaces, with a 60mm longer wheelbase. It maximises space utilisation through new design features in both rows – such as 30-percent slimmer front seatbacks – and in the cargo area.

    Compared with the previous generation, the new KONA Electric second-row passengers have 77mm more leg room, 17mm more shoulder room, and 15mm more headroom.

    Every Kona Electric features LED headlights, DRLs and taillights, dual-zone climate control, an interior Vehicle To Load (V2L) power outlet, heat pump cabin heating, battery conditioning and a wireless smartphone charger.

    The internal V2L socket is 250V / 15A / 3kW. Exterior V2L functionality is also available via the charging port.

    The V2L function can also provide Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) charging functionality, by utilising the portable emergency charging cable (ICCB) to charge another electric vehicle.

    The convenience, safety and security of Bluelink connected car services is standard in all-new KONA Electric along with Over-The-Air (OTA) update capability.

    The new KONA Electric Extended Range is now capable of towing, with a 750kg braked towing capacity, and comes pre-wired, for a seamless accessory tow bar and wiring fitment.

    In a further plus for Australian drivers and a first in the small SUV EV segment, a space saver spare wheel and tyre is now standard in KONA Electric.

    The space saver temporary spare is stowed below the cargo floor and is suitable for driving at up to 80km/h.

    Aerodynamic developments for all-new KONA Electric deliver improved energy efficiency while reducing the co-efficient of drag to 0.27 from the preceding model’s 0.29.

    The new KONA Electric’s standard battery conditioning system can activate in cold climate conditions to heat the battery for improved DC charging and driving performance.

    The battery conditioning system can also pre-heat in preparation for fast charging, such as when a DC charger is set as a destination in the navigation.

    The cabin-heating function in all-new KONA Electric is by a high efficiency heat pump system, in place of a conventional electric PTC heater.

    The heat pump utilises waste heat energy from other systems and energy from the atmosphere to warm the cabin in a clever reverse cycle air-conditioning system.

    The energy savings from utilising the heat pump contribute to maximising all-new KONA Electric’s driving range.

    The new KONA Electric features faster AC and DC charging, with the addition of bi-directional charging capability, to provide even greater customer convenience.

    The onboard AC charger now has a capacity of up to 10.4kW, compared with 7.2kW in the previous generation KONA Electric.

    DC charging time is also improved; when connected to a 100kW DC fast charging station, the new KONA Electric can be recharged from 10 to 80% in little as 45 minutes in both Standard and Extended Range forms (or 65 minutes when connected to a 50kW fast charging station).

    The Kona Electric is covered by Hyundai’s 5 Year/Unlimited km vehicle warranty and 8 Year/160,000km high-voltage battery warranty.


    Powertrain Battery KONA Electric KONA Electric Premium
    99kW 2WD 48.6 kWh Standard Range $54,000
    150kW 2WD 64.8 kWh Extended Range $58,000 $68,000

    Note: All prices are Manufacturer’s List Price (MLP) excluding dealer delivery and on road costs.

    Option Pricing KONA Electric KONA Electric Premium
    Metallic / Mica premium paint $595 $595
    Light Shale Grey / Sage Green interior $595

    Premium Roadside Support Plan and Sat Nav Updates are included for free while the vehicle is serviced by Hyundai.

    Powertrain Service interval 24 mths 48 mths 72 mths
    99kW / 150kW 2WD Km 30k 60k 90k
    Cost (incl. GST) $520 $520 $520


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