I tried Google Glass and now I want it


Google Glass is the best of the best futuristic wearables right now. So hot is this device that your money can’t buy it. It was very unexpected and very awesome, tonight I got to try Google Glass. Short story is I met the guys from Sticher Internet Radio at the Microsoft Build VIP party and asked if I could try Glass. Fortunately my request was granted.

After throwing on Google Glass I started tapping and swiping like an idiot, but after just seconds became very comfortable with the UX. I was surprised the much discussed personalization and positioning of the display wasn’t an issue, it was instantly in focus and the wow started now.

We talked for a while on the possibilities that glass could afford after some updates but agreed it is very limited in functionality right now. With that said, I don’t care, I want them, I want to stand out and be different, with a life augmented by technology.

Google hear this.. Australia wants glass and now.

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