ICEholes get named and shamed on new Facebook Group

Electric Vehicles are selling fast and electric vehicle recharging infrastructure is finally rolling out at scale. The problem is that not everyone still driving Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles has got the message.

Electric Vehicles have dedicated charging locations where they need to park to recharge. Unlike ICE vehicles that can park basically anywhere else, EVs need to recharge in these dedicated locations.

While EVs are still new in Australia, you dont have to have driven one, or even seen one, to be able to read. Frankly if you cant read signs, you shouldnt be driving a vehicle.

These signs at EV charge locations, clearly explain that you are not to park there unless you have an electric vehicle. Often the sign is complimented by a painted parking bay to further indicate this isnt for you.

With all these indicators, it seems Australians are deliberately choosing to block these parks and therefore attract the label ICEholes.

This has become so prevalent, there is now a dedicated Facebook Page to name and shame those that black EV spots.

Imagine you buy an EV, then find a nearby charging location, running low on energy, you navigate there. When you arrive, you find the chargers all blocked by ICE vehicles and have no option but to wait for hours for them to return. That really sucks and could easily be avoided.

Given ICE cars don’t connect the charger, there’s not even the capacity to see remotely that the charging bay has a car in it. These indicators rely on the car communicating to the charger and therefore the charging network that it is in use.

These EV charging bays need to get the same respec that disabled spaces have and that was only acheived by authorities applying penalties if you park there without a permit. With an EV, your charging port is your permit. It’s time to start fining people for being inconsiderate of others and frankly intentionally being a dick.

Until that happens, I understand frustrated EV owners taking to this name and shame method of taking a photo, posting it online, number plates and all. Doing it in your personal car is bad, doing it in your employer’s car is likely to get you fired.

You have been warned.

Go join the ICEholes Australia Facebook Page now.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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