IE9 downloaded 20 Million times


Microsoft have just posted a juicy piece of information to fuel the browser war fire. Internet Explorer 9, still in beta, has been downloaded more than 20 Million times. A lot of the market share IE9 now occupies has been taken from previous versions of Internet Explorer.

In 2010, IE6 and IE7 use dropped over 40% and now only accounts for 22.98% of users worldwide. If your still using IE6, please do yourself a favour and update, security alone should be enough motivation. Everyday web developers are dropping support for IE6, so chances are your web experience is pretty broken, again, update now.

As for IE9, it launched on September 15th 2010 and now holds nearly 0.46% of web users. A relatively low percentage, highlighting just how many of us are online. Internet Explorer 9 will be released in the first half 2011, but expect IE9 beta 2 soon.

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