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Earlier today Boy Genius Report posted a new leaked video showing off the current unreleased UI for IE9. We seen a screen shot a couple weeks back leak out, but this is the first video of the UI. The UI in the video differs slightly from the leaked screen, as the back button is no longer pronounced, but the forward and back buttons are the same as IE8. This means one of two things.. either the design team decided to pull back from the new design, or that this build is an earlier one.

This is clearly still a development build as the video runs through various IE9 demos we’ve seen before in preview builds and scores 95/100 on the ACID 3 test. 95 is the same score the IE9 preview platform 4 build scored. It is expected that IE9 will score 100/100 by final release.

The video source is actually from the site – which claims it is indeed a beta build. One thing we don’t see shown in the video is breakout tabs like Chrome. This feature is supposed to be included in the IE9 beta.

IE9 beta is due out, complete with UI, on September 15th. Not long to get hands on for ourselves, you can be sure there’ll be plenty of coverage on techAU the day of the beta launch.

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