If you had 275,000 Dominoes, it’d look like this


Before computers, I’m told people had to entertain themselves and did so with things like Dominos. Many childhood activities become lifelong obsessions, this fascination with all things retro is best represented in world records.

This chain of 275,000 dominoes topple endlessly over almost 10 minutes to claim the Guinness World Record. The presentation includes pyramids, jumps, and even a plane at one stage. The Dominoes were organised into many, many segments, with most consisting of around 50,000 dominos.

The shear scale of this setup is staggering and difficult to comprehend, which is why there’s a great video of the dominos toppling over right below. I don’t want to say these people had too much time on their hands, but seriously, when your integrating Psy of Gangnam Style fame, maybe your domino obsession has gone a little too far. Enjoy.

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