If you missed it, make sure you watch the NBN Debate

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This Monday on ABC’s Lateline program Deputy PM and Min for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Anthony Albanese debated Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband, Malcolm Turnbull. The NBN Debate was a good one with ALP and LNP representatives seated to each other and for once, were kept on topic and forced to answer questions.

If you missed this NBN Debate and care about the issue, you should really spend the time to watch it. It’s available as an MP4 file and streaming at the Lateline website – http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2013/s3824057.htm.

@AlboMP is clearly still green at his portfolio when he started out by talking about the top end of FTTP NBN speed as 100Mbps, then later corrected himself to the 1000Mbps figure. He also struggled to adequately answer the question of ‘why do we need 1Gbps to the home’.

Should you face that question in the future Albo, here’s some responses for you.

  • Consumers are looking for a better way to backup the computers in their home. What we know is that hard drives eventually die, so manually backing up to hard drives will soon be a thing of the past and with adequate upload speeds, online backup becomes a reality.
  • Currently our television broadcast spectrum is crowded and stations are not able to deliver all channels in high definition. Within the next ten years we’ll move past HD to UHD (4K) and the only way that can be delivered is over IP. Over time most houses will have multiple UHD TVs and will be streaming and quality will scale based on connection speed. With FTTP we can ensure the best picture possible is delivered and not limited by the transmission technology as it is today.
  • Time is the one resource we can’t get more of. Between hobbies and small businesses, homes are now content creation hubs. Consumers are taking more photos, more video of increasing sizes as camera technology develops. Most of us share media from holidays with friends and family online. These increases in quality translates to a dramatic increase in file size and therefore upload time. We need the fastest connection possible to make this process seconds, rather than hours.

@TurnbullMalcolm struggled when moderator Emma Alberici finally questioned his widely reported $94 Billion estimates for the FTTP model. There was no compelling evidence to support these claims. Turnbull says they changed just 4 key metrics making them more conservative, but is yet to release a line-by-line costing. He admits that there’s no question FTTP is the best technology, but argues a cheaper and faster rollout is a better way forward.

Whatever side you come down on.. I can’t stress it enough, watch the NBN Debate, it was a good one. Let’s hope we see these two go to battle again before the election, it was certainly more fruitful that the leaders debate.

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