iiNet prevail in landmark court case against Hollywood


iiNet has once again prevailed in a landmark court case again against major Australian and American film studios. Back in February 2010 iiNet won their first case and was found not guilty but, The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft backed by major Australian and American studios appealed the decision. In February 2011 the federal court once again ruled in iiNet’s favour, and again the Australian Federation Against Copyright theft tried again taking the Case to the High Court. Today with a unanimous decision the Australian High Court has dismissed the appeal.

ISPs and entertainment studios around the world have been watching closely as potentially millions of dollars in damages could be claimed against ISPs if they didn’t take on the behemoth task of policing their customers.

In a statement iiNet chief executive Michael Malone said “Increasing the availability of licensed digital content is the best, most practical approach to meet consumer demand and protect copyright” continuing to say, “We have consistently said we are eager to work with the studios to make their very desirable material legitimately available to a waiting customer base and that offer remains the same today”.

iiNet already offer an IPTV service called FetchTV  which offers on demand movies and TV along with streaming cable channels. Services like FetchTV can only be better if deals with major studios are had. In such a fast paced connected world its time that movies and TV shows are delivered around the world at the same time at reasonable prices.

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