IKEA Australia is running a 3-month trial of electric tuk tuks for zero-emission deliveries

    From today, Tuesday 16 May, Ikea Australia are running a 3-month trial of parcel deliveries in Sydney using two electric tuk tuks within a 10km radius of IKEA Tempe. 

    The trial marks a significant step towards the IKEA global ambition to provide all its customers with zero-emission deliveries by 2025 and as an Australian first, it will mark the first time Aussies will see  electric tuk tuks driving on Australian roads. 

    The electric tuk tuks can hold up to 500kg and will be delivering smaller home furnishing products, like IKEA’s market hall range, in addition to compact furniture items under 40kg, such as chairs and coffee tables. 

    The three-wheeled tuk tuks are both powered by a 9kWh swappable battery and are fittingly named Tük-se and Tack-se, with ‘tack’ meaning ‘thanks’ in Swedish. 

    Electric vehicles are shaping the future of delivery around the globe, and we’re proud that IKEA is leading the way. 

    Working closely with our transport partner ANC Delivers, we are excited to trial and test innovative methods that help get us closer to our goal of 100% zero emission deliveries.  

    We know that the congested roads of metro Sydney will benefit enormously from the introduction of electric tuk tuks in our delivery fleet, and we also hope it will inspire and drive positive change for the whole industry to meet the needs of people today without compromising the planet and needs of future generations. 

    IKEA Tempe is thrilled to be the first to debut the new electric tuk tuks delivery service, and we know our customers will love spotting the tuk tuks on the streets of Sydney or perhaps turning up at their front door!

    Tiffany Mosura-Lesnock,  Manager for IKEA Tempe,

    This isn’t the first venture into zero-emissions for the Sweedish-born IKEA, with electric rickshaws in India, cargo bikes in Madrid, solar bikes in London, barges down the Seine in Paris, and now electric tuk tuks in Australia. 

    The introduction of electric tuk tuks in Australia presents a unique opportunity to reduce traffic emissions and air pollution while cutting back on the number of vans and trucks on busy city streets. 

    The trial is facilitated in partnership with IKEA Australia’s transport service provider ANC Delivers. 

    ANC has a history of innovating to meet and exceed evolving consumer needs.  We have a bias towards action rather than waiting for incentives to increase viability of greener fleet.

    With more people living in medium or high-density housing and 8.1% of households in capital cities not owning a vehicle, we face new delivery, emissions, and urban mobility challenges in an environment where consumers are looking for more sustainable options.  

    We are proud to be piloting this Australian first micro-mobility initiative with two new electrified tuk-tuks in partnership with IKEA, onboard as an early adopter.

    Mo Abbas, Group Executive Strategy & Marketing for ANC Delivers

    The coverage map is actually really impressive for a trial, with the suburbs included in the trial stretching from Sydney airport to the beaches of the eastern suburbs including Bondi and Vaucluse, to Ashfield in the inner west and Mortdale in the southwest.   

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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