I’m getting the NBN in the next 3 years, are you?

NBN Rollout

Prime Minister Julie Gillard along with Minister for Communications & Broadband, Stephen Conroy and NBNCo CEO Mike Quigley announced in Sydney the 3 year rollout plan for the National Broadband Network. Over the next 3 years, 3.5 Million homes will get access to FTTP NBN.

The breakdown of who will be getting connected in the short-term (3 years) is as follows. 1 Million in NSW, 700,000 VIC, 680,000 in QLD, 430,000 in WA and 200,000 in TAS.

These numbers amount to 1/3 of all homes and businesses across Australia being connected in the next 3 years. The NBN project is scheduled to take around 10 years to complete, with most people expecting their connection to be a distant hope, it seems a lot of you will be connected a lot sooner than first thought.

Australia’s largest infrastructure project will involve 400 teams and more than 6,000 workers will be involved in the rollout.

To see if you’re on the list to get the NBN in the next 3 years, you can jump over to NBNCo’s Updated Coverage Map.

NBNCo just released a video for today’s event.

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