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This week is Microsoft’s big annual developer conference BUILD. The conference this year is held in the lovely San Francisco at the famous Moscone Center. The conference will deliver lots of exciting new content around the Blue updates for Windows, Windows Phone and more. When I asked on twitter last night what my followers were most interested in, the overwhelming response was Windows 8.1. After no doubt being told how awesome the update will be, I’ll be getting the bits and trying them out for myself.

Personally I’m a developer and journalist, so this is the perfect event. I’m keen to see what Microsoft have to say in relation to the app development on the Xbox One, many have speculated that in the preview bits for Visual Studio 2013 will come the ability to publish apps to console as easily as we deploy to the phone. If Microsoft do this, it’ll be a serious point of difference between the Xbox One and PS4 and open the gates for a whole new ecosystem of apps for the TV, something not even Apple have been able to do.

We’ve seen previews of Windows Phone 8.1 (“Blue”) but haven’t been able to get hands-on. Let’s hope it’s ready for developers and there’s plenty of new APIs to get stuck in to. We’re unlikely to see new hardware at the conference, but increased integration of devices will be the key to Microsoft leveraging their broad company scope.

After the shiny keynote is done, developers will get down to business in breakout sessions to learn all about what’s new. This is similar to what Apple developers experienced recently at WWDC. The world sits up and pays attention for the big speeches, but the real meat on the bones for developers is the information and Q&A they get during sessions.

I attempted to travel light, but wasn’t very successful, full suitcase of clothes, 2x MacBook Airs (both running Windows 8), Canon 650D with 2 lenses and a slew of chargers and international adapters.

I’m off to catch one of 4 flights to get to the other side of the world. Stay tuned to techAU.tv and @techAU for all the BUILD news.


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