iMessage so unreliable, users are going back to SMS

iMessage Undelivered

With the launch of iOS5, we got iMessage. Apple’s very own SMS replacement service. The experience is supposed to be seamless, with messages sent to contacts using an iOS device is automatically done via iMessage rather than SMS. This should save some customers still paying for SMS some coin.

It’s surprising that mobile carriers ever allowed Apple to implement a technology that could largely reduce their 160 character cash cow. All sounds like a positive for consumers right? Unfortunately iMessage may not be ready to replace SMS just yet.

A great way to have friends and loved ones pissed off at you, is to ignore their messages. iOS5 users are reporting that iMessage is actually pretty unreliable and messages are frequently being dropped. Despite posting a delivered message and sending date and time stamp, they don’t always make it to the destination.

The problem is so bad, that some users (myself now included), have switched off iMessage and are back to using SMS. What has your experience with iMessage been? If you have had any issues, leave a comment.

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Jason Cartwright
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