Instagram is coming to Windows Phone, game on 6tag (update)


    Nokia just confirmed that Vine and Instagram are finally coming to Windows Phone. Regardless of how good Microsoft make Windows Phone, some users simply won’t touch it until there’s an Instagram app. Well good news people, in the coming weeks, Instagram will finally come to WP8. It’s strange timing given WP8 users just got a fantastic 3rd part client for Instagram called 6tag from @RudyHuyn.

    Game on Instagram team, you have a high benchmark to meet and beat. It would have been a great story if they had involved or purchased the app form Rudy, but Nokia say they have worked closely with Microsoft, so let’s hope they have integrated it at the OS level, rather than just another app.

    As for Vine, that’s a nice addition, but the demand was really around Instagram, especially after they added video.


    Here’s the first screenshot of the Instagram for Windows Phone.

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