Intel update HTML5 XDK, adds remote debugging and plenty more


Intel created their very own IDE for HTML5 developers and the latest update for their XDK is now available. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the December 2013 update. The update delivers remote debugging on Android 4.x mobile devices which are connected via USB. This is fairly common for native apps, so great to see this added for HTML5 apps. There’s now a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts, check the link below for the full details of this one.

As with any mature IDE, the Intel’s XDK designer now supports multiple pages, themes, and interactivity. The App Designer allows page and sub-pages creation, button hookup to pages, sidebars, popups or custom scripts. The designer also gets more extensible with the ability to “drop in” third party themes for frameworks that support it.

The update is a substantial one with the ability to do basic javascript editing within App Designer as well as the editor now getting autocompletion for Cordova 2.9.0 and intel.xdk APIs. Images can be previewed in the editor )In previous version they just appeared as binary content), this results in much closer representation of the final result.

Those developers still using the older, original Intel XDK, will need to move your apps to the new Intel XDK by the end of February. The good news is this process is an easy one.

More information at Intel.


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