Internet Explorer 9 will NOT run in XP. Time to move on.

    Internet Explorer 9

    The latest news today from the Microsoft Mix 2010 conference is that Internet Explorer 9 will NOT be supported in Windows XP. A decision that’s already seen the pitchforks out for Microsoft with people claiming it’s just a way to force customers to upgrade to Windows 7.

    IE9 will support HTML5, CSS3 and SVG2 standards, as well as a brand new Javascript rendering engine as well as maintaining compatibility support for sites currently working in IE8. After opening a few of the more popular sites in the preview build, it does seem that things just work. Microsoft say Internet Explorer 9 makes massive improvements in terms of speed, some of which are undoubtedly attributed to new hardware acceleration support.

    The new javascript engine is internally known as “Chakra”, which compiles JavaScript in the background on a separate core of the CPU, parallel to IE.

    When you take a second to think about the reason why Microsoft had to break support for XP, it makes sense if they are taking advantages of core technologies built into Vista and Windows 7. So whilst on the surface it may look appear as profit-driven move, there’s likely a much more intelligent explanation.

    If your running an older system you had to know at some stage application developers (both Microsoft and 3rd party) would eventually move on from supporting a 10 year old operating system, in favour of moving forward and innovating. Don’t forget XP users can still run IE8, which is fine for today, but the technologies of the future, particularly HTML5 will be critical to the web in the coming years.

    The expected timeline for release is later this year or perhaps even into 2011, so my advice to those who want to use IE9, then start planning a system upgrade now.

    For those who are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can check out an early build of IE9, or Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1.9.17745.6019 by visiting

    Press release @ Microsoft

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