Internode to offer 100 Mbps Fibre to the Home !! Makes NBN look like a joke.

    Internode has shown it wants to lead the way in providing ultra-broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps to Australian consumers. Their announcement this week includes delivering Fibre to the home (FTTH) by partnering with housing estate telecoms specialist Opticomm.

    Those lucky folks  in Fernbrooke in QLD, Lochiel Park and Northgate developments in SA are the first to get to test the service, however there are plans to expand in several more areas across Australia.

    Internode’s FTTN will offer speeds up to 8 times faster than the governments planned NBN of 12 Mbps. A noteworthy differentiation is that unlike the speeds of traditional ADSL2+ services, Fibre to the home runs at the full speed of your chosen plan.

    The next question is how much does all this speed cost ?

    Internode has upped the ante in Australia’s broadband stakes by offering retail Fibre to the Home services at 25, 50 and 100 megabits per second, costing from $50 a month.

    While that sounds great, below is the full list of FTTH pricing. It does get expensive if you want anything resembling a decent download cap. Remembering that at 25,50 or 100Mbps your going to burn through a LOT of data, and fast.

    Internode FTTN plans
    Internode FTTH pricing (PDF) 

    Internode FTTN video 
    Check out a video of Simon Hackett, Managing Director of Internode discussing the FTTH.

    This is a very promising move from Internode, what’s not known is how they deal with existing homes. Will their FTTH be only limited to new housing developments ?

    More @ Internode

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