iPhone 4 photos suffering from a blue tint

Over time you will use the iPhone 4 in a number of different conditions. It turns out there may be an issue that hasn’t been widely reported and its certainly a strange one. It seems photos taken with the rear facing camera of the iPhone 4 under florescent indoor lighting causes photos to have a blue tint that appears as a circle from the centre of the photo. The tint is so bad it renders photos under these conditions effectively useless.

Shooting in other lighting conditions like sunlight, incandescent or LED lighting results in normal happy, healthy photos with no sign of the blues. If your wondering about video.. it happens there as well.

iPhone 4 Blue tint on photosiPhone 4 Blue tint on photos

As for the front-facing camera, it also happens but not as severe. After consulting twitter for feedback, a number of other iPhone owners have confirmed it happens for them as well. It’s probably not a deal breaker that would prevent you from buying the phone, but rather something to keep in mind. Make sure you review your photos afterwards to ensure the photos aren’t ruined from the tint.

Some people have suggested it is caused by the rear camera being recessed and getting some kind of reflection. Leave a comment if you’ve experienced the same thing. How much does this issue annoy you ?

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