iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 delivers new.. well, bug fixes.


    Today Apple released yet another firmware update for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Again the update is less than descriptive in it’s detail, simply sighting ‘Bug fixes’ as the improvements.

    The update weighs in at a decent 248.7Mb, similar to that of 2.0.1 which arrived only a couple of weeks ago.

    As yet not much is known about the specific bugs that were actually fixed, however it’s generally a good idea to update.

    One particularly annoying thing about updating the firmware is that iTunes continually steals the focus away from any other application your working on. At least this is the case in Windows Vista SP1 and the latest iTunes, very frustrating.

    iPhone firmware 2.0.2

    iPhone firmware 2.0.2

    The backup process does take a while, so set aside some time where your not going to be making or receiving calls or sms.

    Personally I’ve had to restore my iPhone about 4 times since launch (July 11th – a little over a month), I don’t think I’ve been doing anything special with the device, just enjoying many different applications. While I’m accustom to dealing with problematic beta software, I’m sure the average consumer would be turned off the iPhone based on a similar experience.

    Functionality has never been the question with the iPhone, the 3rd party applications are great, offering a wide variety of features most phones will never see. The problem is reliability, so I do hope this new update (Firmware 2.0.2) further improves the increments we see from Firmware 2.0.1.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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