Is it really time to stand and work ?

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There is a growing trend in technology startups to use a new style of working. Standing desks are design so you can work at your desk while standing. This is achieved in one of 2 ways, either the monitor and keyboard move up to your standing height, or the entire desk surface can be raised. Human beings are after all, designed to be standing, so it does make sense, but are we ready to stand and work ?

At CeBit earlier this year, were showing off a number of standing desks to the local IT Industry. According to research, standing while you work lets you not only maintain a more ergonomically correct posture, allowing internal organs to function better and burn calories while you work. If you think about it, most singers would stand up while performing as sitting down compresses your body and effects airflow and circulation.

While all that sounds great, the reality is many positions already require employees to be on their feet all day. Most people will complain about leg and foot pain from standing all day, so is there really merit in standing while you work ?

What do you think of the idea? Great or ridiculous ? Tell us in the comments.

Just Stand

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